Empower employees to grow within your company.

Twine helps you fill your open roles with your current employees. We can improve your employee retention by as much as 30%.


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“Wharton is well-known for having some of the biggest names out there. With something like Twine, there is potential to have impact that can be ground shaking.”
“There's sudden demand for any solution that would improve internal mobility […] company-hopping talent drains the pool of future C-suite leaders and costs countless millions.”
“The team at Twine are great partners… they’re enabling big improvements in internal mobility and growth for Nielsen employees.”

Chris Louie
SVP Talent Acquisition and People Analytics
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Plug the Talent Leak

The #1 reason employees leave? A lack of internal opportunities. With Twine, employees find better-fitting roles and companies save millions in hiring and training.

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Build (Don’t Buy) Your New Workforce

You spend millions selecting and developing people. Don't lose your most valuable asset and best source of talent: people who have already chosen to work for you.

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Help Employees Grow Meaningful Careers

Twine empowers your employees to build meaningful, relevant careers inside your company. Retain top talent by keeping them challenged, engaged, and productive in roles that grow with them.

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