By Michael Kwok on

Internal mobility is critical to a top-tier talent operation. It's essential to efficiently attracting and retaining the skilled workers needed to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition in today's labor market. Over 75% of companies surveyed by LinkedIn report that internal mobility is a critical focus for this year, so understanding where the space is headed is crucial for success.

Closing the Awareness-Action Gap

Despite the strong awareness around the importance and need for mobility, at present only 24% of LinkedIn's surveyed companies had a well-structured program for surfacing, developing, and promoting top talent. This signals that mobility has become top-of-mind only recently. This disconnect has largely been addressed in the fast-moving startup world as workers can quickly gain many responsibilities, but expect the gap to close significantly in more established companies in the coming year.

Better Evaluation and Performance Tracking of Internal Hires

Most companies are sitting on mountains of data about their employees between performance reviews and manager evaluations, but these reports have traditionally been used as an accountability measure rather than to encourage development. A strong internal mobility program will leverage this existing data to shift the focus away from evaluation and pay-raises and towards understanding where an employee's skills lie and how to best utilize their skills and encourage their growth.  Talent profiles are already proving effective in succession planning and company-wide skills evaluation in companies like Alcoa and Caterpillar, and Oracle asserts that talent profiles should be the foundation of your internal mobility efforts.  The next step that they identify in this trend is a two-way flow of information, where profiles “consider the career aspirations and interests of internal candidates”.

Internal Mobility Linked with Talent Brand

While many have linked internal mobility to employee retention, fewer have linked it directly to talent brand. Despite this, a quick perusal of strong employer brands demonstrates an emphasis on the skills and career development that comes with mobility. In fact, some companies such as Hootsuite have actually centered their entire talent brand around mobility. As talent brand is a huge priority for companies across the globe, creating a dialogue between your HR and marketing teams will better allow your external communications to showcase your internal mobility efforts.

Better Internal Candidate Experience

No program is effective without proper buy-in. Some Fortune 100 companies have already spent the resources to build career pages that extend past listings and success stories to portals where employees can identify opportunities and be engaged with their development across departments. Microsoft's career page is one highlight of this trend. Leadership programs that highlight intra-department movement have also proven effective in facilitating mobility while driving retention and employee satisfaction. This signals the importance of readily available information and planning resources for employee engagement with mobility. Expect more companies to invest in internal experiences and development programs that facilitate movement in the next year.

Predictive Recommendations

As machine-learning and narrow AI continues to permeate technology solutions, even finding homes in our iPhones and cameras, predictions will start to move past of shopping carts and face recognition and enter the growing people analytics space. Companies like Glint and Peoplise have started this movement with external fit prediction and attrition detection. Meanwhile, our own technologies are based on powerful adaptive machine learning algorithms that leverage both company preferences and employee skills.


The internal mobility space is young and quickly adapting to solve a major HR problem. Twine's top picks for the near future of mobility reflect the fast-paced movement and rapid technological advances of the current job market. We can't wait to see these trends play out!