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By Joseph, Cofounder & CEO

Our mission at Twine is to empower employees to grow with – not out of – their companies.

But first, let me take a step back.

You might be asking, “why should I even care about employees outgrowing their firms?”

The new labor market

We’re witnessing a historical change in the labor market – employees are leaving their companies faster than ever before [1], millennial worker engagement is at historical lows [2], and this disengagement-driven turnover is leading to billions in turnover costs for the US economy [3].


The #1 reason for the dramatic rates of turnover among young employees is lack of career advancement opportunities within their companies [4]. In exit surveys, almost 50% of workers cited this as their primary cause of departure.

We live in an era where the newest members of your workforce expect constant growth and diversity in their experiences. If that’s unattainable, they’ll leave for greener pastures.

I would know. I’m a data point in an increasingly visible trend line.

My story

Almost a decade ago, I was seeking my first job out of college. I had an offer at a Fortune 500 company. Things were going well – they flew me on-site to visit the office and meet my prospective team. My hiring manager, trying to entice me to join, touted the security of the job: “it’s a great role – my supervisor has been in her job for over 10 years!”

I turned down that offer the very next day.

What the hiring manager didn’t understand is that value he touted – security – didn’t resonate with me. I wasn’t looking for a role where I would trade professional development for safety. I was looking for a culture of mobility and a precedent of professional development.


Why we started Twine

Remember those bleak statistics I noted about 1 in 2 employees leaving their companies for growth opportunities elsewhere?

Well, the good news is that almost all of those employees indicated they would stay at their company if they found a better-fitting role internally [5].

With that context, and research coming out of Wharton - our alma mater - noting that internal candidates often outperform external candidates [6], my cofounder Nikhil and I saw a real opportunity in the market.

We saw a chance to build software that would drive better workforce retention by helping employees find new roles inside their firms. And we knew there would be deep institutional benefits – we’d enable large companies to better utilize their internal talent, to save in hiring costs, and to cultivate stronger networks and knowledge-sharing within their offices.



My story, revisited  

I ended up turning down my offer at the Fortune 500 company, and worked in management consulting instead.

The allure of the industry was that I’d be able to stay at one firm but would take on projects across a breadth of industries and functions. I wanted change, variability, and growth – and consulting offered that in spades. I ended up staying for several years because there was always a new experience around the corner.

We are embedding that philosophy into Twine. We are building software that makes internal mobility seamless – and by doing so, making it easy for corporate employees to grow with their companies.


...And why you’re reading this now

As we’ve built Twine in the last year, we’ve learned an incredible amount evangelizing internal mobility for better employee and employer experiences alike.

This is our opportunity to share our learnings from the front lines. We want to build an active dialogue around a topic that’s close to our hearts.

Maybe you’re a thought leader in HR. We want your reactions to our research – critical or positive.

Maybe you’re just building the foundations of an internal mobility program at your company. We want to equip you with the data you’ll need to make a case.

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, we’re excited to move this discussion forward.

There are many exciting things to come. From interviews with HR/People Analytics thought leaders to cutting-edge research on talent mobility, we have many stories to tell.

Welcome to our blog.