Twine is a platform for internal mobility.


Our algorithms recommend the best internal employees to fill open roles.

Improve retention and reduce hiring costs by tapping into your rich pool of current talent.  



Improve retention

The #1 reason employees leave? The lack of opportunities inside their current company.


With Twine, employees are matched to the right roles inside their firm.

Save on hiring

You spend millions selecting and developing people. Don’t lose your most valuable asset.


Your best source of talent: people who have already chosen to work for you.

Increase engagement

Twine empowers your employees to grow with your company, not out of it.


Retain top talent by keeping them challenged, engaged, and productive.

One stop for talent mobility.

Powerful matching technology

Twine identifies the best fit between employees and internal roles.

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Clear, intuitive recommendations

Your internal recruiters, hiring managers, and talent executives get seamless suggestions.

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Talent Mobility, Visualized

Track outcomes and measure impact with workforce analytics

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